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[ Letters ] Jul. 21st, 2009 @ 03:38 pm
[ There's something to be said for the old-fashioned use of pen and paper and envelope and stamp, and Sappho's old-fashioned enough to love it. These arrive in the bearers' campus mailboxes a few days after she's left. ]

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Leaving, at least for now. Jul. 15th, 2009 @ 06:43 pm
I'm so sorry to anyone currently taking lessons from me: I've been called away and I'm uncertain when I'll be returning. An unexpected emergency requires my presence home in Oregon. I will be available by telephone or email correspondence should anyone wish it.

Mr Leclerc, I'm terribly sorry I shall have to postpone both lunch, antiquing, and any performance. You are welcome to keep the copy of the sheet music.

Tom, please keep in touch. I shall miss you in the interim.

Hemingway- I shall miss you as well, quite dearly. Would you have an opportunity, do you think, to come and visit? I'd like to see you again once you're out of hospital.

Stupid people May. 15th, 2009 @ 07:55 am
Dedicated to NorribethFan.


[ Private locked ] May. 8th, 2009 @ 04:16 pm
I slipped. I don't think Tom noticed, thank Heaven. It's been a long time since I had something like this happen, I'd almost forgotten that it happens at all. It was so quiet in the store, however, and so still, and very calming, and it was so easy to just... pick up what was going on around me.

I hate it when I do that. I never notice until I've said something: answered a question that wasn't asked or comment on something that wasn't said. It's disconcerting, and not just for the other person.

I found a charming little tin trinket box- well, to be truthful, Tom did- with a set of unlabeled photographs inside it. I think I shall write a series of drabbles, one for each photo. Heaven knows I need the practice. There is only so far PotC fanfiction will take you, in the learning of the craft.

And on that note, NorribethFan has been absolutely appalling on the boards again. I don't dislike many people, but that twit is a candidate for it, to be certain.

[ Private locked ] May. 3rd, 2009 @ 04:11 am
He recorded it. I don't know when, but he recorded a flawless performance of An Army of Horsemen and left a cd of it for me, slipped under my door.

He even got the bridge right.

I can't stop crying; how silly is that? It's the most perfect gift I've ever received. I adore the simplicity of it, and the sincerity. And I feel absolutely terrible that it was so very unexpected, from him. I feel as though I've done him a terrible disservice by not believing him capable of such a thing. I feel as though I've wronged him for being startled.

And it's so well played. And I've never heard my music played by anyone else before he took it up.

It's an odd feeling. I rather like it. I may... I may publish more. Perhaps. I will think on it.

Meanwhile: a gift for Hemingway, as he well deserves it. And damn it, I have no idea what to get the man.
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» Still car hunting, among other things
I've still not found an automobile that I like. I've test driven at least twenty-five in the last couple of months, and none of them suit me, particularly. I'm not sure why, or what to tell the poor salesmen who, with unbridled hope in their eyes, take me out on the road to play with all the levers and dials and see just how quickly the engine can take me to sixty miles per hour. The disappointment in their little faces is heartbreaking, it really is.

Perhaps it's that I despise salesmen.

In other news:

Hemi, don't forget: your lesson this week is a performance. I'll be your only audience, of course (unless you want others there) but I won't be coaching at all.

Tom, I have a gift for you.

Byron, you missed last week's lesson. :( Did you receive my voicemail? I will, of course, reschedule it or refund you for the time missed. I don't normally unless I had to cancel, but I will for a friend.
» Distractions
Why are people on the internet so damned annoying?
» [ Posted on the local Craigslist ]
Looking for a reliable, relatively new automobile in the Meridian College area. Something smallish, easily serviced and low-maintenance. Contact information listed below.
» Automobiles
My father will be visiting me in a day or two, depending on how the trip cross-country goes. Trudie? Hemingway? Friday at the latest, and you shall have the Camaro to do with as you wish. I leave it to you to discuss the matter of price with my father; if I had my way I would simply give you the thing, but he'll not let me, I'm sure.

I imagine he will stay through the weekend and fly home Monday. That was the plan when I spoke with my parents, at least, and mother was browsing airfare for Monday or Tuesday when I left for class.

Perhaps I will make baklava to celebrate his visit.

I shall have to find a kitchen.
» Kerfluffles
I'm not entirely certain what to make of all this.

A new literary magazine has been proposed, student-run, and it has sparked some controversy. Further, it has pitted several people I am fond of against one another, and I very deeply regret feeling caught in the middle of it all. On the one hand... yes, I can see how the methods of proposing this venture can indeed be considered offensive.

On the other hand... should the entire thing be considered a waste of time and energy, simply because its proponents are less than considerate in their bravado? I think not, and I find the idea intriguing enough, despite the furore it has caused, to submit a piece of my original composition to its first iteration.

A musical score, I note, and not an example of my poetry; I find the latter less than appealing to an audience of greater than one (myself). But the music...

For those who can read music, I hope it will be a treat. :) For those that do not... I shall include in it and invitation to hear it played, if anyone wishes. I am not difficult to get in touch with, and I am more than happy to play the piano for any size audience. I am brash enough to admit to that vanity. ;)

Byron... I hope I do not disappoint, with this. I confess I may indeed be called pretentious, in the right light. I suppose this proves it, although that bothers me, a little. I shall examine why later, after violin practice.
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